Battle Mountain Humane Society to receive matching grant if it raises $25,000 by May 20th

The Battle Mountain Humane Society in Hot Springs is home to about 90 dogs and numerous cats. We made a visit to see how the rebuilding was going after the tragic fire nearly 3 years ago.

April 4th marks the anniversary of the fire that took out the home to numerous cats and dogs at the Battle Mountain Humane Society. There has been some rebuilds since the fire, but much more still needs to be done. The dog building is under construction with a need to finish the office, adoption room, grooming room and vet room -not to mention new fencing that needs upgrades on the property.

With 8 acres of land at their fingertips, this no kill shelter is taking in the homeless, abandon, abused, and neglected. With no heart to turn down even one animal. Funding is based simply on donations, and with a shoestring budget, the facility has only 3 employees and 3 constant volunteers. Just operating costs alone add up to be about $8,000 a month so the need for funds is significant.

If the chapter raises $25,00 by May 20th, an anonymous foundation has agreed to match the amount, bringing in $50,000 to the shelter so far they have raised nearly $8,000. Account information can be found on gofundme.com.

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