Greenpeace’s campaign to save the Arctic – Donations doubled through the end of the year

The Arctic Ocean is home to some of the most enchanting animals on earth — from polar bears to the Pacific walrus to endangered bowhead whales. But Shell has been given permits to drill in the pristine waters of the Arctic and now this crucial place is in serious danger once again.

That’s why I am offering to match every gift made to support Greenpeace’s work from now until December 31 dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000.

If you have been waiting for the right time to make your first gift to Greenpeace, this is it. Every dollar you donate will mean two dollars to support Greenpeace’s campaign to save the Arctic and all the other work they do to protect the environment.

Please make a gift of $5 today and I will match it dollar-for-dollar and together we can double our impact to save the Arctic. If Greenpeace raises $30,000 more from now until December 31 it will receive $200,000 total.

In 2009, I worked with Greenpeace to launch their first ever online matching donor grant and together we were able to raise an additional $175,000 to support research in the Bering Sea and the Arctic.

Taking manned submersible vehicles into the world’s largest underwater canyons, they discovered a nursery ground for some of the most popular and important fish in the USA. Then up in the Arctic, Greenpeace documented cold water corals and dense populations of millions of starfish right where Shell is proposing to drill — proving the company’s claim that nothing of importance lived there to be wrong!

We have to protect this fascinating place. Please make your most generous gift today to save the Arctic and I will match it dollar-for-dollar.

As a Greenpeace supporter for almost 40 years I’ve known about the threats our oceans face. Shell’s plans to drill in the Arctic Ocean is one of the biggest threats I have ever seen. If we work together anything is possible.

Some good news: This year Greenpeace was able to stop seismic testing off the central coast of California that would have been deadly for the blue whales, humpback whales, sea otters, dolphins and porpoises. And they stopped a plan by the South Korean government to establish a ‘scientific’ whaling program. These victories give me great hope for the campaign to save the Arctic.

Together we can ensure that Greenpeace has the support needed to protect the environment. Donate today and I will match your gift.

via Greenpeace.