Save the Northfield Depot receives donation match

Save the Northfield Depot (SND) recently received a boost in its efforts from someone who not only has an interest in preserving the past, but also resides in a piece of history as well.

Dante Stephensen, owner of Dante’s Down the Hatch restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, and a class of 1958 graduate from Carleton College, recently pledged to match $10,000 in funds raised for SND’s efforts in relocating the historic structure.

Stephensen has a long history with all things concerning railroads, having worked such positions as a fireman and switchman during his time working on the rails. And he currently lives in a rail car as his place of residence.

“Northfield obviously has a history with railroads that most cities don’t have,” said Stephensen, noting the local rail was used by the Jesse James gang in their infamous bank robbery. “I think in Northfield, the station would have more appeal than average.”

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