What We Do

Double Your Donation At No Cost To You!  

Make your charitable contribution multiply by finding a company to match your generous gift!

  • Simply scroll through the list of participating organizations to choose your donation match.
  • Click on the link to their website and make your donation.
  • Your donation will instantly be multiplied!

You do not need to work for a company that will match your donation, but if you do work for a matching employer, use one of our links to TRIPLE your donation! Most companies ask for your charitable donation receipt in order to process the match. You will receive a receipt for a donation made through one of Donation Doubler’s links just as you would any other and can still submit it to your company to be matched.

You make your donation directly through the links provided to your chosen organization.
DonationDoubler.org does not receive any of your donation and is funded solely by private sponsorship.

DonationDoubler.org does not record, use, or distribute any personal information.

How Can I Help?

Please email us with any new matching information. Donation matching opportunities are not always easy to find! Once verified, we will add that organization’s information and link to the site. ¬†Please check back often to see what new matching information we have found!

Put a link to DonationDoubler.org on your website. This is an easy way to help get even more money to your favorite charities!

Tell your friends and family about us! The best way for people to hear about DonationDoubler.org is from you – in your own words!

Tell your Community Relations representatives about us. Maybe your company would like to work with DonationDoubler.org to create a unique matching opportunity.

And most importantly, check back often! We post new matches every day.

Don’t make another charitable donation without checking DonationDoubler.org first!